Disclosures and Privacy

I believed in the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you. So because of that (and some pesky FTC regulations) here are my disclosures and privacy statement.

I am a small blogger who has not been contacted to advertise or promote anything. I am totally open to that idea though. So in the future if I do ever receive compensation or products in exchange for a post or mention on the blog I will be sure to tell you about it. And of course I will always retain my right to give an honest review.

I also have become an Amazon Associate which means if you click and/or purchase items using an Amazon link I've provided, Amazon will throw some green my way. The price for you remains unchanged. Similarly, I use AdSense so your visit to the blog or if you click on the ads on my blog create some income. Click away: I'm almost to the $5 mark!

If you participate in the Waste Less Wednesday Blog Hop or subscribe to the newsletter I may collect personal info (like your name and email address....). I do this so you can be informed about what is happening on SkipTheBag. You are free to unsubscribe at anytime and I'll try not to take it too personally. ;) To reciprocate I will not sell that information or use it in an untoward manner because no one likes spam. Unless we are talking about canned Spam and that stuff is amazing. Musubi and Spam Fried Rice are delicious you should try them. (Can you tell I lived in Hawaii?!?)

Thanks for visiting!

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