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Welcome to Skip The Bag!

Hi, I'm Katy and I can't wait to share my zero waste, gardening, and chicken raising experiences with you. If you love ditching plastic, growing organic vegetables or farm fresh eggs, you've come to the right spot!

Skip The Bag was started in early 2016 after experiencing culture shock from the number of plastic bags being used in Florida. We lived in Hawaii when Oahu passed their single use plastic bag ban. Life without plastic bags was normal. We moved back to Pensacola, Florida I was shocked to see just how many plastic bags were being used everywhere. I started Skip The Bag to help educate people that there is another way to live!

Skipping plastic bags quickly turned into learning the environmental impact all plastic has and trying to lead a zero waste lifestyle. I've found the zero waste movement complements my gardening and backyard homestead lifestyle.

I've made a lot of changes, but there is still room to grow. I'll be sharing my successes and failures with zero waste and gardening and I can't wait to learn from you too! Join the email list where you will receive a weekly email from me sharing the latest homesteading and zero waste antics.

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  1. Hi there,

    I just joined the "Zero Waste" Google+ community and read some of your posts today. I'm favorably impressed and hope to continue reading your blog in the future. I joined the Zero Waste Movement rather late so I am rather surprised that the Google+ "Zero Waste" community only has 56 members so far!

    I'm thinking of emailing the "M&F Western Products" company so see if they have an all natural toothbrush product available. I currently own 2 of their natural bristle brushes but I believe they are either for cleaning or for horse hair grooming. It was just stuff I found laying around our home somewhere not getting used. Years ago my younger sister owned 2 horses and 1 pony so these natural bristle brushes might be leftovers from our youth.

    Joomi Lee aka Joo-Mi E

  2. Or, if you ever find out which company already sells and ships natural bristle toothbrushes online to California please let me know!

  3. I had found a natural bristle toothbrush when initially trying to find a plastic alternative, but I haven't been able to find it again. If I find it I'll be sure and let you know!

  4. I make reusable totes out of discarded feed sack totes. What you're doing is admirable, and I, for one, appreciate it! Keep up the great work! ;0D

  5. Thank you for hosting such an awesome blog hop! I love your blog, and hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving! ����

  6. Hi! :) My name is Katy too! I go to Aldi most of the time and use my reusable bags...but when I do go to walmart or somewhere and get plastic bags I save them and they get recycled! :) I agree with you...we waste too much, consume too much and need to be more conscientious of our behavior! :)