#SkipTheBag Challenge

Hopefully you have read Why We Worry About Plastic Bags and realize how wasteful and polluting plastic bags can be. To help eliminate or at least minimize the impact of plastic bags, I'd like to challenge you to refuse the use of plastic bags, to #SkipTheBag when out shopping or at restaurants.

How to #SkipTheBag:  

  1. Decide if you need a bag at all. Many times if you are just running in for a quick errand you only have a few items you may be able to just carry the items out. 
  2. Get reusable bags you like. I used to have large square ones that I would stash in my car. That way even if I forgot to bring them into the store I could run out to the parking lot to grab them. Think of it as bonus exercise and saving the planet. Now, I use ones that fold up and fit in my purse. I don’t carry a huge purse, but the bags are pretty small and it means I am never without a bag. You can read more about my plastic bag journey here
  3. Use paper. While paper bags seem to have fallen out of favor, some grocery stores still carry them. The paper bags are often made from recycled paper and can be further recycled. 
  4. What to do if you slip up and get a plastic bag? Recycle it! Unfortunately plastic bags aren’t allowed in most curbside recycling programs, but many grocery and big box stores have recycling bins. They are typically near the entrance of the store, in a cardboard box. Look around next time you are in one. I saved up all my bags in one of them and when it was full I would take it back to the store. 

How to participate in the #SkipTheBag challenge? 

  1. Follow @SkipTheBag on Twitter/Instagram/Google+/Facebook 
  2. Skip the bag! When you are out shopping don’t accept a plastic bag. Use a reusable bag or just hand carry the items. 
  3. Spread the word! Tell us your experience or post a photo using the hashtag #skipthebag. 
  4. Feel great knowing you did something good for the environment. 

Update: Do you live in an area with a ban bag or have you been carrying your own bag for years? You can move on to level two or three of the #skipthebag challenge?


  1. We have several reusable canvas, bamboo and other shopping bags that we use. In our area the store charges you 10 cents if you need a bag and many will give you a credit if you bring a bag. It is a nice bonus but the main idea is to save our world..even if only one bag at a time.

    1. Saving the world from plastic bags is the whole reason I started skipthebag! :)

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