Jun 20, 2016

We Can All Do Better

There, I said it: We can all do better.

We could consume items that have less plastic, are more organic, more local, less waste or more sustainable, but rather than focusing on things we aren't doing I'd like to see us be proud of what we are doing.

In a few short days Plastic Free July will start. Have you signed up? I'm not affiliated with it, but I did sign up to participate. I hope you start the month off very motivated and prepared, but at some point you will stumble.

Maybe you decide to make an impromptu stop at a grocery store and don't have your reusable bags. Or maybe you forget your water bottle at work and have to buy a bottle of water at the baseball field. There will be stumbles, but I encourage you to focus on the positive. Celebrate all the little decisions you make toward a less wasteful life.

So whether you are just starting on your journey or have been zero waste for 10 years, let's be satisfied and proud of how far we have come and continue to go.

Did you think this was going to be a lecture on doing more? ;)

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