Aug 28, 2016

SkipTheBag is now!

That's right folks, SkipTheBag is moving onward and upward. I've been using blogger for the past 5 months, but it's time to have my own domain name.

What this means for readers? 

Nothing! If you enter from a blogspot link you should automatically be directed to the site. It is possible you may see some redirect errors or some things not looking just quite right, but those should be limited and corrected shortly. Feel free to bookmark or save so you can come directly to the site for updates.

What it means for me? 

Every picture and every place that has the blogspot name will have to be updated. I will slowly be working on updating that. So please forgive me if you see some pictures on posts that still have the blogpost watermark!

Finally, thank you so much for reading!!  I wouldn't have made the plunge to be a 'real' site if you hadn't been following. So thank you for reading, commenting, linking up and otherwise supporting the blog and my mission to reduce plastic bag use, have a garden and live sustainably with little waste.

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