Sep 19, 2016

5 Ways To Be More Social


Shortly after arriving in Hawaii my husband went on deployment. So I had come up with some ways to find social interaction on my own. This was particularly difficult because we had only moved there a few months before so we didn't know many people yet.

Here are some of the things I did that helped be more social:

1. Say "Yes" to everything.

This was probably the biggest thing I did. It made me get out of my comfort zone and have new experiences and meet new people. Sometimes I would feel that people were just being polite when offering an invitation, but I agreed anyway. It was a way for me to get to know people better. I even got a trip to Maui out of it when a friend was going and invited me.

2. Learn to make small talk.

If you have to network at work, or want some tips on how to talk to people, I highly suggest Leil Lowndes's How to Talk To Anyone*. I first read it nearly 3 years ago and found it really interesting. I found that I already did many of the techniques the book discussed, but it also gave some other concrete examples of things to do and say while talking with people.

3. Try 

Meetup is a website where you can find groups that meet for a variety of activities or interests. I started by going to a board game group, but there are groups for hiking, singles, to practicing foreign languages, food and drink, exercising and politics. Really there are groups for just about anything you can imagine. And if there isn't a group you want, you can start your own. Going to my first meeting by myself was a little nerve wracking, but after that first time I was comfortable going on my own or with Hubby.

4. Get a dog. 

She will force you to get outside and get walking. It's also crazy how many people talk to you when you are walking a dog. They'll ask if they can pet her, where you got her, how hold she is, what kind of dog she is. I used to sometimes notice how I'd walk places and never talk to people, but once I got my dog it seemed like everyone wanted to talk to me about her. Also you can find a dog park where your dog likes to play and you can meet up with their owners.

5. Take classes. 

There are a large number of places where you can take classes. You can take exercise classes from a gym or yoga studio. The local community college or adult center may offer educational classes. They also offer classes for master gardening, master recycling, and disaster preparedness. Seek out educational opportunities and you will meet people with similar interests. Or seek out something completely new and out of your comfort zone and learn a new skill!

How do you stay social and meet people?

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  1. It's hard but the small talk really gets them going. Kind of funny at first they don't know why you are talking. Then they enjoy talking to you also!

    1. Yes, I think people are so used to just being on their phones that small chat with the person next to you seems to be seen as unusual!

  2. Lots of good tips! Thanks!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate it.

  3. I struggle with small talk, but I'm working on it. I do always accept invitations; I figure if someone goes to the trouble of inviting me I have nothing to lose by going. Thanks for sharing! #sustainablesundays

    1. Yes, formal invitations are harder to pass up. But I sometimes would feel uncomfortable accepting when people were talking about their plans and then casually saying, "you can come too". Remember, I was the new girl! Once I decided I was going to say yes to all of those, I didn't have to worry if I was imposing.

  4. Being social is overrated ;) All joking aside, meetup is great! Thanks for linking up at #SustainableSundays!