Nov 21, 2016

November Garden Update

We are in the middle of our Fall Garden!

We discovered that while our garden gets full sun during the spring and summer, it is only getting about 3 hours of sun right now. There are two trees that are blocking the sun right now. One is a huge one in our yard. That would be nearly impossible to remove, or very $$$. The other is in the neighbor's yard and I doubt we are going to convince them to cut it down.

A few spots are eeking out a few extra minutes, but that lack of direct sunlight has meant that things are growing a little slower than they were in the spring.

The tomatoes are doing well, well we've got one runt, but we've also got plenty of green tomatoes just waiting to ripen.

As you may remember from last month I've got an unknown plant. I'm thinking it's a watermelon, but not sure.

The broccoli is doing ok, but hasn't produced anything.

The lettuce is just sitting there.

So is the cabbage.

Our jalapeno is still going strong. It's in 3 main bushes and as you can see it's still producing several peppers.

Do you have a fall garden?


  1. Your garden is lovely! We have a fall garden, but it's very slow growing. We hope to get some snap peas and lettuce from it soon. Happy gardening!

    1. Yum, I love snap peas! I'll have to remember that for next year.