Jun 27, 2015

Waste Less Wednesday 6/28/17

Blog Hop Zero waste plastic free less waste sustainable

A blog party focused on environmentally friendly practices: zero waste, recycling, gardening, homesteading, sustainability, living plastic free and upcycling.  It is live 1200 am Tuesday CST through Saturday 0500 CST. 

The Host:

Katy writes at SkipTheBag about her experiences trying to minimize waste, avoiding plastic and homesteading with her garden and chickens. If you love her posts you can follow her here:

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The Rules:

  • Link up to 3 original blog posts relating to environmentally friendly practices. Posts can be zero waste, living plastic free, sustainability, less waste recipes, homesteading, upcycling or anything else to do with helping out the environment.
  • No links to stores or link parties. Giveaways are OK as long as they are accompanied with a post.
  • Please visit your fellow bloggers: they care about the environment just like you!
  • In addition to featuring the most visited blog, the "most social" person will be featured. It's hard to track, but use the hashtag #WasteLessWednesday when commenting on people's blogs and while sharing posts on social media to qualify.
  • Posts will show in a random order.
  • By participating you give permission for any part of your post, including pictures, to be used for party promotion. Don't worry all credit will be given to the original source. You will also be signed up to receive SkipThe Bag's weekly email that goes out Wednesday mornings as a reminder to participate in Waste Less Wednesday. 

Features from Last Week:

Most social:

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  1. Many thanks for featuring my Nature Treasure Hunt - did you ever get to try it? I'm so busy on other things right now (I have a veg patch SOMEWHERE under the weeds) meaning I am not blogging much so I have added an old post about cloth nappies (diapers). Have a great green week!

    1. Yes! We went on the treasure hunt. She was more interested in getting to the end of the trail, than looking in the trees, but we found a lot of them. She was a little dubious about the dinosaur, but I gave her some examples of how we could pretend. I also got to teach her how trees get wider the older they grow. Thanks for a fun activity.

  2. HI Katy,
    Thank for hosting this great blog hop each and every week.
    This week I have shared "The Quick And Simple Guide To Living A More Eco-friendly Life 2017!" & "8 Ways You Can Improve Your Garden With Shipping Drums!"
    Have a healthy, happy & blessed week.

  3. Thanks for featuring my post! I don't have anything new this week, so I'm sharing one of the best tips from my archives.

  4. I featured you for a Blogger Recognition Award. I even wrote about why I chose you. Check it out here: http://elisecohenho.com/blogger-recognition-award/

    1. Thank you so much, I am very humbled you selected me and find my work interesting. I can't wait to read up on the other people you selected too! Thank you!!