Jul 24, 2017

The Ultimate Homemade Deodorant List

Hello, my name is Katy and I have a deodorant addiction. When I was in high school I would regularly apply deodorant.

Get up in the morning and get ready for school? Apply deodorant. About to leave the house to go see some friends after school? Apply deodorant. Just finish swim practice to go home for the night? Apply deodorant.

I'm not really sure whether it was the fear of  smell or the sweat that motivated my need to apply deodorant several times through the day. I have gotten better about only needing to apply deodorant once a day, so that's good. However I still apply more than some people. I had a girlfriend who would apply a single swipe. That would never do. I must swipe at 3 times just to make sure I cover the entire area.

So all of this is leading to my confession: I still use conventional deodorant. My extensive history with deodorant means that I am needing a little more courage to swap to a homemade or plastic free alternative. If I had to place where I am on the scale of being ready to quit plastic deodorant I'd say I'm in the contemplation stage. You can read more about the stages of quitting here

So I reached out to some of my favorite bloggers to see what their favorite deodorant recipes are. I thought having this list might be that oomph I need to make the change.

Not quite there yet with making your own? 

Here are some alternatives that you can buy. These are affiliate links so the price to you is the same, but if you make a purchase I may make a commission.

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The Ultimate Homemade DIY Deodorant List. A collection of deodorant and antiperspirants from green and environmentally friendly bloggers. Made with natural ingredients.

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  1. Homemade deodorants are so good for all those people who have sensitive skin and can’t use heavily perfumed commercially available deodorants. Thanks for sharing these recipes.