Jul 3, 2017

Zero Waste Travel Tips: Air, Car, Hotel and More

I love getting out and exploring a new location. There are so many things I love to see and do while traveling.

First I love to eat the local food. Yes, Hubby and I are foodies, but it's just so good! Some of my favorite foods from travel are paprakash from Hungary, poke from Hawaii, and pallella from Spain. You can learn so much about an area based on the foods they cook with and how they prepare the dish.

Next I like to see the history of the area. Whether that means visiting a museum like the British Museum in London or a place where history occurred like Dealey Plaza in Houston or even just a notable attraction like Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Finally, I like to see the markets or shops. I'm not a huge shopper, but I like to see what they offer. Our souvenirs from our central European trip were umbrellas because it was pouring down rain and we forgot to pack any. We still use and love those umbrellas and every time we use them we are reminded of our time there. By visiting the shops you can find some unique souvenirs from the country or even just see how package free their food is.

Unfortunately traveling can lead to increase waste. The following are some resources to help you minimize the waste while broadening your horizons.

Ways to create less waste while staying in a hotel
If you are staying in a hotel versus an airbnb or hostel here are some tips for making less waste.
Some planning can ensure that you minimize the waste wile flying to your destination.

Ultimate list of zero waste travel tips: Less Waste Car Travel. Road trip!

Less Waste Car Travel

If you've got a road trip planned use these tips to avoid unnecessary packaging while on the road.

Ultimate list of zero waste travel tips: zero waste cutlery kit

Zero Waste Silverware Kit

Some people carry this every day, but while traveling it can come in handy to avoid all the plastic cutlery and straws.

Ultimate list of zero waste travel tips: plastic free toiletries

Plastic Free Toiletry Kit

You can still reduce your reliance on plastic in your toiletries.

What is your favorite way to go zero waste while exploring the world?

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  1. How ironic that the ad I'm seeing at the top of this zero-waste article is for a Nespresso machine--I've just written an article about how wasteful coffee pods are! (I assume you don't choose your ads.)

  2. Great idea putting all these blog posts together in one travel resource. Your posts are really inspirational and hopefully they will inspire others to take these simple steps to a greener life whether at home or when travelling. Many thanks for adding this to the #GoingGreenLinky - making the world a better place one green step at a time 💚

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