Sep 3, 2018

The Best Safety Razor For A Close Shave

I have been using a safety razor for a couple of years now. It was one of the simple swaps I recommend for the bathroom and an area that Hubby was zero waste long before I was. 

Hubby was using his disposable razor for nearly a decade before I ventured into it. But once I got my first one I took to it like a duck to water. I seriously had no clue why I was so scared to switch or why it took so long to switch from plastic disposable razors.

I must have read several articles about using a safety tarot and watched tutorials about how to use them. But, if you are starting with a disposable razor it's not THAT different. Here are my tips for using a safety razor with getting cut.

 How to use a safety razor and not get cut

In my research so many people went on and on about how close their shave was and how it was so much closer than a disposable razor. I was a little perplexed why that wasn't my experience.

Well one day hubby got a wild hair and wanted to try my razor. He has a short handled razor and mine is long handled. He tried it and promptly said my razor was awful. He said he had to shave his whole face again with his razor. Well that made me feel better that it was maybe the razor itself and not something I was missing.

I kept using it though. I mean, I thought about buying another one, but I couldn't justify the cost or the waste. I had a razor that did fine, it removed all the hair, it just wasn't making my legs that super soft all hair removed close shave feel. No need to discard it.

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Well then a few weeks later the razor fell off the ledge in my shower and broke. It must have fallen just right and the part that connected the top to the peg broke. I permanently had two parts: a top and the base with no way to secure the blade.

I tried to see if it could be repaired but apparently that part of the blade was plastic and it snapped. I thought about gluing it back together, but it would have made the razor uneven and there wasn't a good surface to even glue.

So there I was on the hunt for the perfect long handled safety razor. I went to Amazon, since I didn't have any local options. I am an affiliate for Amazon so this post contains affiliate or referral links. It's a way for the site to earn advertising fees by advertising or linking to certain products and/or services. However, I have no affiliation with the company that makes the razor. 

I sorted on price, lowest to highest, and started looking at reviews. As long as the blade cut I figured most of the price went into hype not function. I knew I wanted a long handled razor so that eliminated a bunch.

One of the razors looked promising, but a reviewer said the handle was smooth so it was hard to handle with soapy hands. No thanks! I passed on that one, but did start paying attention to handles.

This razor is awesome. It has a butterfly closure so you just open it up pop the blade in and go. The handle is not smooth so you'll drop it. The weight is good, and best of all the shave is SO much closer. Hubby is actually jealous and wants to see if they have a short handled version for him to use. 

My only peeve is that sometimes hair gets caught between the blade and the base. So I have to open it out and clean it, but that's what happens when your blade actually have to rinse out the hair! Although it just takes a quick swivel to open up and get to the blade, so even that is low hassle.

If you are in the market for a safety razor I highly recommend you get this razor. It's inexpensive too!

Then check out my tips on how to USE a safety razor or find out some other simple swaps to make in the bathroom.

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