Jun 13, 2016

My First Zero Waste Purchases

I have purchased a number of items recently that will help me in my journey towards zero waste. Don't think that going zero waste means you have to spend a lot of money, remember the Zero Waste Tenets of reuse and refuse. However when transitioning from disposable plastic items you will likely need to purchase a more sustainable alternative and those are most of my purchases.

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The first is a
bamboo toothbrush. When I discussed our zero waste bathroom this was one area that I tied my husband in. A bamboo toothbrush still has nylon bristles, but the handle is made of bamboo. An entirely plastic free alternative, with a bamboo handle and boar hair bristles apparently exists, but it is hard to find. It comes in paper boxes that are recyclable but they suggest you compost them.

Next, I finally moved from the contemplation phase to the action phase with regard to safety razors. Hubby actually pulled the trigger for me as he added it to an order he was placing. I got the Merkur long handled safety razor. The handle length is a little longer than the one he uses and it works great. So far no cuts! Although I'll admit I did watch a few videos on YouTube as part of my preparation phase. Most safety razors are marketed toward men, but ladies we can use them just as easily! Marketers do you hear me? Women's razors are a nearly untapped bounty.

I also purchased a shampoo bar. I bought the 3 pack off of Amazon, and while each bar is wrapped in paper, the three bars are wrapped in plastic to make the set. However I've used the coconut and argan oil one a couple of times and it gets the job done and lathers more than I expected. The 3 pack also includes jojoba with peppermint and tee tree with hemp oil.

I am hoping to make a worm composter, and was feeling bad about trashing food scraps so I purchased a compost container. I really think it looks great and holds all our scraps with no smell. It cleans up really easily generally just needing to be rinsed out. There is a filter that needs to be cleaned and/or replaced. When I first started using it I would put a piece of of newsprint down in the bottom to soak up some liquids, but I don't even do that anymore. I just rinse it out after I empty it. 

I am loving all my new purchases and know that they will greatly help with the amount of waste I have. However, if you are just starting about going zero waste realize that you don't need to buy anything. But when your current disposable products wear out, be sure to replace them with sustainable plastic-free or plastic-less alternatives. 


  1. I've tried different soap companies including Sappo Hill and Soapbox and am currently sticking to Soapbox (PETA friendly, recycled cardboard boxes, they donate 1 bar of soap to needy children for every bar of soap you buy, USA company, etc.) I just use their regular bar soaps for shampooing my hair. You can sometimes find their discontinued formulations at discount stores like Ross Dress For Less, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and so forth.

    Cici is my "go to" girl at the Soapbox company.

  2. In how many days do you fill up your stainless steel composter? It looks rather small, around 1 gallon or so. How did you find out about the Zero Waste Movement and how long have you been consciously trying to live Zero Waste style?

    1. The composter is about a gallon. I take it out to the backyard whenever it is full so I'd say 1-2 times a week. Depends on how much we are cooking at home! Thanks for joining me on my journey. I have always had an eye towards trying to do good for the environment, but it has been very short that I am trying to live more zero waste.

    2. Thank you! You're welcome.

  3. I have also bought quite a few bars of "La Maison" sea salt soap formulations which I first bought at around $5 per bar at a Koreatown grocery store but later found for only $1.99 at a local Marshalls discount department store. The company is out of New York but the soap is really made in France.

    Unfortunately, the soaps I bought were wrapped in plastic but they do last a really long time. When I talked to one of their reps over the phone she said the owner had no plans to switch off plastic wrapping but I was talking to her during the middle of their huge snow storm, she sounded stressed out and defensive, and I hadn't contacted the owner to explain the Zero Waste situation to him.

    Right now, this company is low priority for me since I'm fairly happy with Soapbox company and all their soaps are made in the USA.

  4. Way to go girl with your effort to be a zero waste consumer. I use only unscented soaps. Good for the environment and breathing too. Are those shampoo bars fragrance free? Stopping on by to link up my post, Colors of Joy Among Top Self-help Books for Women. Hope my list of all-time favorite self-help books entertains and encourages interest for you. Nancy Andres @ www.colors4health.com

    1. A couple of the shampoo bars I linked to use essential oils which have a scent (like peppermint) however I do not believe they are not scented with traditional fragrances. This link: http://amzn.to/2avzOZ1 has another shampoo bar that does not have any fragrance so it might work better for you.