Oct 17, 2016

My Experiences With Uber

Have you heard of Uber? It is a ride sharing company that matches riders with drivers, similar to a taxi service.

While living in Hawaii our friends used it frequently. It's a way to have an event on one side of the island and be able to have a drink or two without having to worry about getting a drinking under the influence (DUI) charge. While our friends used it a ton and I even rode with them in it, I never got the app so I wasn't exactly sure how it worked.

Well, it is EXTREMELY simple. You download the application to your phone (which is free). You then can see a map that shows your location and the location of cars. It also says how long it will take for a car to reach you.

In our area we only have two different kinds of Uber cars: UberX and UberXL. UberX are regular cars (sedans) and UberXL will hold 6 passengers (SUV or minivan). Other locations also have UberSelect and UberBlack. UberSelcect (formerly UberPlus) are luxury cars that hold 4 (BMW, Mercedes). UberBlack are comercially insured luxury cars, Black SUV or Luxury Sedans. As the cars get bigger and fancier the price also goes up.

Hubby and I have used Uber a couple of times since we've moved. Most recently I had a trip and Hubby thought he would be home to drive me and pick me up, but his work schedule changed and he was unable to. It was no problem though because I was able to easily click to get an Uber driver to come pick me up. We even had no difficulty finding a driver to take us to the airport at 4:30am a couple of months ago! We also took it one night when ended up splitting a few too many pitchers with the baseball team.

Currently Uber is available in 512 cities and growing. If you are looking for a way to make some extra money you can also sign up to be a driver. Look into it fully though because you will likely need some extra car insurance.

Uber has given me a promotion code. If you set up a new Uber account and use the code you will get a free ride (up to a certain dollar amount which varies by location) to try it out, and I'll also get a free ride (up to $10).  The code is: 3JGCF and I'd love to have you check it out!

Have you used Uber? What did you think?

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