Dec 15, 2017

2018 Green Resolutions

I felt like I accomplished about half of my 2017 Green Resolutions. Which for me, is a win.

It was important to me to have "smart" goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound. I also wanted to set the bar low, so I could achieve as many as possible. (Of course, even then, I only managed to accomplish half! Ha!)

I got reusable napkins and menstrual products (but haven't gotten then hang of using them yet) and took my lunch to work pretty regularly. I didn't do quite so well about shopping at the bulk store or cooking a new item.

For this year I'll admit I was a little stumped so I did a search of other sustainable resolutions. I was disappointed to find I was already doing them. I think that came out wrong. I am so happy that I'm already making an impact. I refuse plastic bags, I've cut out water bottles along with the other 5 simple ways to reduce plastic. Heck, we even have solar panels! I've already done so much of the "low hanging fruit".

Now of course, I could always do better. Plastic bags sneak in on a semi-regular basis. And I may not buy bottled water, but other plastic drink containers "magically" show up in my recycle bin. However, I'd like to use my resolutions to push myself in other ways.

1. Subscribe to our CSA.

I've been wanting to do this for a while, but haven't quite taken the plunge. Community-Supported Agriculture is a great way to support the local economy and they are good for the environment because they cut down on transportation costs.

2. Plant in our garden

I loved getting our garden set up, but we've basically allowed two growing seasons to pass without planting anything. So right now the only thing we've got growing is weeds! Now, to be fair, the growing seasons were fall and winter, which would not be growing weather in most parts of the world, but here in Florida, we missed out on some awesome food. Hopefully this resolution will get me motivated to go out and plant for all year long.

3. Less waste grocery shopping 

We buy a lot of groceries and I want to find a way to do so while creating less waste. I know not all places have package free food, but most do! I wrote this great posts on tips for shopping from the bulk bins Zero Waste Grocery Shopping Bulk Buying Tips and Tricks. However at this stage in my life I'm not sure how that's going to work for everything. I'm buying larger quantities of food, so I'm hoping it leads to less waste. So next year I want to explore it more.

4. Take my lunch to work

Yes, this is verbatim repeat of last year. However, I've found myself slipping and taking my lunch less frequently AND wasting food that should have been eaten for lunch. By taking my lunch it would be a double win. Also, it gives me a chance to use my zero waste cutlery kit more!

Are you looking for some more motivation for your resolution list? Check out the lists from these other great sustainable and eco friendly bloggers! And don't forget to leave your resolutions in the comment below!

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  1. Love these goals! I joined a CSA a year ago and it's been AWESOME. The best part is it can help with grocery shopping less because it provides the perishables every week. The rest is mostly pantry items or toiletries that you can stock up on. This helps cut down to once a month or maybe less.

    Thanks for sharing these inspiring goals!

  2. These are so doable. I'm sure your resolve will help you find even more ways to follow your intentions. Best wishes!

  3. I love these ideas. I'd love to join a csa. And packing my husband's lunch wouldn't be too hard. I work at home. :)

  4. Hi Katy, Thanks for your inspiring ideas! Reading your blog always motivates me to do better. One thing I do that helps with lunches/leftovers/"fend for yourself night": When I cook, I plan for extra servings. After dinner I divide the leftovers into serving size glass containers with sealable lids. I write the date and contents on the lid with a sharpie (cleans off with rubbing alcohol). I put them in the freezer in an area designated for single servings. Right now I have stuffed peppers, pot roast, and veggie soup in the single serving area of the freezer. You wouldn't even have to refrigerate your lunch when taking one of these frozen meals to work. It would partially thaw by lunchtime. Happy 2018. !!