Mar 27, 2017

Green Beer for St. Patrick's Day

I was at a friend's house for St. Patrick's day and they had green beer, and it was delicious! I quickly had to find out what it was. Well low and behold it is the SIMPLEST thing in the whole world to make. I may or may not have had another couple of green beers this week. It was, uh, research. The sacrifices we make.

The blue curacao turns green when mixed with a lager and gives it an orange flavor. It reminds me of a blue moon. In fact, I'd be curious to make this drink with blue moon.

Green Beer: blue curacao and light beer

12 oz light beer
1 teaspoon to 1 shot blue curacao (for color and flavor)

Amount of curacao changes the color
1 teaspoon of blue curacao on the left and 4 teaspoons on the right

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